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Enjoying the Gladness of an Amazing 4-3 Win

Football fans of club Liverpool sitting in the joyous of a cheering 4-3 over the Man City, a leading football club in Premier Leagues. All footballer of the team have received high comments for their great contributions. After purchasing Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain for £40 million, the footballer bring us puzzlement and surprise. He was given the position of Philippe Coutinho, taking the role in the midfield place. In order to comfort Brazilian football fans, one goal and better performances will work, and it is a good way to heal the injured hearts.

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The excellent football player Oxlade-Chamberlain made a significant effects on Liverpool in the 4-0 win at Bournemouth. The super goal netted by him was recorded by cameras. Besides the super goal on Sunday, the work efficiency of other football players are also striking in the match. When they played against the football club Man City, they emphasize something regarded as defects usually.

Man City also would like to kick footballs. Many teams will be vulnerable against Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool in tournaments and some significant football matches. Even the Red Devil praised the football club prior to red card of Sadio Mane in last September at the Etihad.


In case of close combat with rivals, it is proved that the manager method is effective in real competitions. Red Devils also feel it is difficult in football matches, which are covered by overwhelming caution. In fact, Wijnaldum could usually vanish in matches, in which one can find his figure at any place.

At a moment, Mohamed Salah was neglected in a 4-1 match, and the Dutch footballer was closed down by two excellent professional football players of Man City. A football was grabbed violently over their heads and was kicked into the path of the Egyptian, which became a highlight of the football match. For the bizarre behavior of the weird football player, Coutinho had discussed and express feelings of themselves for several days.

In despite of pre-match doubt and illness, Can was faced more football matches to play in the season. Football fans of the football player also can understand to some sub-par performances. Informal news on a free transfer to Juventus caught attentions of other football fans. The extensive contract with football club Liverpool may not convince any people.

The two things have not brought any peaceful life to Man City. In their contributions against West Brom, it is a substantial difference one month earlier. When they are tired, the football club Liverpool was slowed down to a crawl. The 4/10 rating makes the football club Man City showing more frustration. Wijnaldum performs well in a match against Man City in the last season. And he also kept a in a good status after winning the only goal.

In fact, many people may hope most of football players can perform well when confronting top football teams. In the event that one do not concentrate on everything of footballers, one could lose face and goals as playing against with football players.